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Since Woodside School was first opened, students have worked with pride to make their school the best that it can be.  A special service award called “Block W” has been developed to recognize Middle School students who demonstrate an interest in academics, athletics, and school service.

Block W points are given to Middle School students who participate in all aspects of the school.  Students earn points in academics, school athletics, and school service.  The student or students with the most Block W points at the end of their 8th grade year are recognized during graduation.  

Block W Point Levels Top of Page

  • Level 1        100 Points       Certificate
  • Level 2        300 Points       Certificate, and Letter
  • Level 3        500 Points       Certificate, Letter, and Plaque
Students are not required to turn in Block W forms on their own.  The Middle School Principal will have all Middle School students complete a Block W form each trimester.  The points are entered each trimester and they accumulate throughout the school year and a student’s Middle School years.

Please refer to the following documents to understand what activities are eligible for Block W points for each of the three trimesters.

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