Spring 2022 Student Council Election Info
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Timeline for Spring 2022 Campaign

Friday, April 29th:
Mandatory meeting for 7th and all interested students in grades 5-6.

Wednesday, May 11th:
Nomination form for both team members due in the school office by 4:00 p.m.

Monday, May 16th:
Students are allowed to hang campaign posters.
Tuesday, May 17th:
Speech script draft shared with Mr. Frank (sfrank@woodsideschool.us) by the end of the day – please read all
instructions about the details and format of the speeches.

Thursday, May 19th:
Election assembly in person

Friday, May 20th:
Election results are announced and all posters must be
removed by the end of school on Friday, May 7th
The Woodside School Student Council consists of officers and class representatives who are elected by the Upper School to represent them. Student Council teaches self-government and leadership through participation in parliamentary procedures and the election process.

The school year is divided into two terms, with Student Council elections in May and February.  The Upper School students who are elected in May serve as Student Council officers for the first half of the following school year, while the Upper School students who are elected in February serve for the second half of that school year.

All students who wish to run for an officer position must run with a partner.  Each officer position (e.g., Presidents,Vice-Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, and Spirit Coordinators) consists of two elected students who decide to run together in the Student Council elections.  This is done to ensure that the duties are completed and that there is always one officer present in case of student absences.

All officer positions are open to qualified 7th and 8th grade students.  6th grade students are not eligible to run for officer positions; however, they are eligible to become Student Council Representatives.  Each section of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades elects one Student Council Representative.  

Students who wish to run for Student Council must meet certain guidelines, such as a minimum grade point average, a good discipline record, etc.  In addition, each pair of students who run for an officer position must create a video or a speech that is delivered to all Upper School students during the election assembly. For more information on the nomination form, the criteria for students who want to run for a Student Council officer role, and the responsibilities for Student Council officers, please refer to the documents below.   

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