Woodside School believes strongly in a well-rounded child and offers a variety of extracurricular activities, both during and after the school day, for students to participate in. One that promotes developing leadership skills in Upper School students is Student Council.  

The Woodside School Student Council consists of officers and class representatives who are elected by the Upper School to represent them. Student Council teaches self-government and leadership through participation in parliamentary procedures and the election process.  The Student Council supports the school and numerous organizations with both time and donations. 

Student Council members are elected by the student body and are supervised by the Upper School Principal.  7th and 8th grade students are eligible to run for officer positions, while 6th grade students can be elected as class representatives. Students serve a term that runs for one-half of the school year.  A second election in February allows students to serve the second-half of the school year.   

The Woodside School Student Council meets each week and works very hard to offer events to the students.  Some of these events include Upper School dances, weekly ice cream sales, and several school spirit dress-up days.