March 24-26, 2021
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From Principal Pedersen —

Upper School (5th Grade) 
Fifth grade students will follow the trail guides posted to Google Classroom by their teachers and will follow the schedules outlined there. The school day will run from 8:50am-2:30pm on Wednesday, and 8:50am-3:10pm on Thursday and Friday. Students can expect a mix of synchronous and asynchronous work throughout their day.
Upper School (6th-8th Grade) 
In keeping with our procedures from the last round of distance learning, Upper School students will follow their normal school schedule and should check Google Classroom at the beginning of every class period each day. From there, they will either see an assignment to complete asynchronously or a Zoom link to login for class. Students can expect a mix of synchronous and asynchronous time, and the amount of each may vary by class section, depending on when teachers' vaccine appointments are scheduled. If teachers are not out, the class will begin on Zoom. All students have a trail guide to reference, which outlines their daily schedule and the Zoom links for each class. Please note that Flex and any other classes that are already asynchronous will stay asynchronous. There will not be Zooms for these classes. Students should work independently during Flex time, and should check Google Classroom for their asynchronous World Language assignments.  Students will bring home any materials that they need prior to Distance Learning. It is very important that students stay on schedule each day and check Google Classroom right at the beginning of each period so that they know what their task for each class is, and are ready to join any live classes.