8th Period Elective/Enrichment Classes:
*Please note that not all of these classes may take place. These are possible offerings, and final
offerings will depend on interest level, teacher availability, etc.*
  • Art Elective (6,7,8 – letter grade)
  • Yearbook (6,7,8 – letter grade)
  • Band (6,7,8 – letter grade)
  • Storytelling through Photography – (6,7,8 – letter grade)
  • Lego Robotics – (6,7,8 – letter grade)
  • Web Design I - (6,7,8 - letter grade) ▪ Design Thinking I - (6,7,8 - letter grade) ▪ Guitar- (8, P/NP) ▪ Ukulele- (6, 7, 8, P/NP) ▪ Discovering Graphic Novels- (6, 7, 8, P/NP)
  • Community Service (6, 7, 8 – P/NP)
  • Modern Readers – (6,7,8 – P/NP)
  • Self Defense Training (6,7,8 – P/NP)
  • Strength and Conditioning (6,7,8 – P/NP) ▪ Short Stories (6,7,8- P/NP) ▪ Podcasts 101 (6,7,8, P/NP) ▪ Science of Food (6,7,8 - P/NP) ▪ Advanced Science of Food (7,8,- P/NP, must have taken Science of Food already) ▪ Quiz Team (6,7,8 - P/NP) ▪ Model UN (6,7,8 - P/NP) ▪ Intro to Anthropology (6,7,8 - P/NP) ▪ Games of Strategy (6,7,8 - P/NP) ▪ Stories of Social Justice (6,7,8 - P/NP)
  • Operetta (mandatory for all 8th grade students during 3rd trimester – P/NP) ▪ Public Speaking (6,7,8- P/NP) ▪ Positivity Project (6,7,8- P/NP) ▪ Spanish Club (6,7,8- P/NP)
Typical Zero Period/Lunch Time Offerings (To be determined and communicated in Fall of
  • Student Council
  • Music - Chamber Singers
  • Music - Showstoppers 
  • Music - Jazz Band (Must Be in Band Elective to Participate)
Art Elective (Trimester long - letter grade- can be taken once per year)
Students will work on advanced art projects and a mentored, project-based curriculum. This course will emphasize creative exploration and development. Students explore the structure of art, including line, texture, color, value, and space; learn basic drawing techniques; work in two and three-dimensional forms; and experiment with diverse media.

Yearbook (Two trimesters - letter grade)
Join a team of dedicated students to design, create, and publish our school yearbook. We start with 88
blank pages, and by the end of the 2nd trimester, we will have a complete book highlighting the
2021-2022 school year. If you are a student who likes a challenge, is responsible and able to meet
deadlines, understands the importance of a quality product, and are willing to put in some extra time,
then this elective might be for you.
A few things to know:
● You will need to attend one lunch meeting per week
● Some work will need to be done outside of class hours
If you are interested in being part of the Yearbook team, you must attend a mandatory Introduction to
Yearbook meeting on Wednesday, June 9th during lunch in the Design Lab or reach out to Mr. Hansen to
express your interest.
Graded – Homework
Band (Year long - letter grade)
Students will have an opportunity to play a variety of music that ranges in time period and style. As we
rehearse the music, we will build on general musical skills, technique specific to instruments and
individuals, and work together as members of a team to create a final musical product that they will
perform for the school community. 7th and 8th grade students who want to be in Jazz Band are required
to be in this elective.
Storytelling through Photography (Trimester long - letter grade- can be taken once per year)
This digital photography elective is designed to highlight the innate creativity of the students, build
their technical skills, and enhance their understanding of the power of photography to communicate
their perspectives of the world. Students will study composition and stylistic elements within multiple
genres of photography. We will touch on the history of photography and its place in the timeline of art
and technology. Students will practice with Exposure, Depth of Field, and Focus. Students will research
accomplished photographers for inspiration and create a photography portfolio.
Advanced Guitar (Trimester long- P/NP)
Former 7th grade students who really enjoyed their 7th grade guitar experience,, this is the class for
you! The hope for this is that you are able to continue developing your skills through both direct
instruction and choice. In this class you will continue to master reading melodies and picking as well as
practicing chord shapes, transitions, and strum patterns.
Lego Robotics (Trimester long - letter grade)
Take on a First Lego League challenge in this Middle School elective. You will design, build, and
program an autonomous robot to complete a handful of challenges. Near the end of the trimester, your
bot will go up against other bots in a mini-FLL challenge. Go to http://firstlegoleague.org for more
information on Lego Robotics or search First Lego League on YouTube to see what you will do in this
elective. No programming or Lego experience required.
Web Design I (Trimester long - letter grade)
This class will provide students with the skills to build a web page/site. Students will be given a basic
introduction to HTML and CSS, Google Map APIs, forms, video, developer tools, and DOM manipulation.
Upon completion of this class, students will leave with a complete website.
Graded - Homework
Design Thinking I - (6,7,8 - letter grade)
This elective will give you an opportunity to design and prototype a solution to a problem you see in our
community. If you don’t have a specific idea, the instructors will work with you to find one that interests
you. You may work independently or with another person on your project. You will be exposed to all the
tools in the design lab and leave with at least a basic understanding on how they work and what they
can be used for.
Discovering Graphic Novels (6,7,8- P/NP)
Are you an avid graphic novel reader, or someone who wants to explore literature through a visual lens?
This class will explore various graphic novels, novels written in a visual or comic-like format. All are
welcome to learn more about this exciting form a literature and to engage in great discussions around
the texts chosen!
Community Service (Trimester long - P/NP- can be taken once per year)
Students will be given the opportunity to provide service within our school in the form of working in
the classrooms, tutoring younger students, reading aloud to preschoolers, working as teacher
assistants, and helping fulfill any need that arises on campus. In addition, students will be highly
involved in organizing any major service projects we do like Rise Against Hunger. Students will assist as
needed at The Village Hub and also do in-house projects for organizations like My New Red Shoes and
Meals on Wheels.
Games of Strategy (Trimester long- P/NP)
Do you enjoy a good challenge? Do you like puzzles and riddles and solving mysteries? If the answer to
one or more of these questions is “yes” then this is the elective for you! In this elective you will learn
new and old games, while you challenge yourself and your classmates. You may solve a few mysteries
and uncover the answer to a puzzling puzzle!
Modern Readers (Trimester long - P/NP)
If you wish you had more time to read books – just for fun – this is the elective for you! The class format
will include one period a week for reading and one period a week of activity. In Modern Readers, we
will explore new and exciting titles, discuss great literature, do book talks, make social media accounts
for our favorite characters, and create a movie trailer for a book.
Podcasts 101 (Trimester long- P/NP)
We’re in a golden age of podcasts—currently about 800,000 and reach more than 60 million U.S.
listeners. Audio storytelling dominates the digital media landscape, and it offers students the chance to
develop vital skills in a fun, engaging way. This elective will not only teach students how to create a
podcast, but help students become better writers and communicators, and improve their research skills
and get them thinking like online publishers who entertain and inform.
Stories of Social Justice (Trimester long- P/NP)
Do you enjoy reading and thinking about big ideas and issues? In this elective we will read stories with
themes that revolve around social justice. Justice is the concept of fairness and social justice is fairness
as it manifests in society; so we will be reading and discussing stories within this theme. Whether it be a
contemporary setting or from a past era, the stories will help us to examine and discuss important
issues and how they affect our everyday lives.
Short Stories (Trimester long- P/NP)
Students will explore the world of short stories by writing creative stories of their own. Students will be
encouraged to write a variety of stories, including children’s stories and fantasy. Each student will
create a final project of a complete short story book with illustrations.
Self Defense (Trimester long - P/NP)
The purpose of this class is to develop basic self-defense skill development as well as awareness and
avoidance techniques. This course focuses on skill improvement and overall knowledge in personal
safety. Introducing the basics of self-defense and the practical applications, this course focuses on
coordination, balance, agility, strength, and endurance. The course will cover both grappling and
striking martial arts in a fun, safe environment.
Strength and Conditioning (Trimester long - P/NP)
This course is designed for those students interested in developing strength for advanced sports skills.
Students will engage in resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility exercises.
Strength and sport conditioning is athletic training aimed at greater strength, power, speed, agility,
coordination, and balance. You will learn general exercise principles, nutrition, and sport-specific
science, along with practical advanced training in resistance training, agility, plyometrics, balance, and
sprint training for athletes.
Science of Food (Trimester long - P/NP)
Do you love all things related to food? Join us on a trimester long journey into food, cooking and eating.
We will learn proper knife skills, different cooking techniques, and methods of preserving food like
making jams and pickles. Of course we will get to eat our creations as well as do some reading about
food and cooking.
Advanced Science of Food (Trimester long- P/NP)
This course is for incoming 7th and 8th grade students who have already taken Science of Food and
want more! This course will follow the same format as Science of Food, and you will explore new skills
and recipes.
Quiz Team (Trimester long- P/NP)
Quiz Team will provide students with the opportunity to hone their trivia skills. Each week student
teams will compete in various trivia rounds focusing on various academic and pop culture topics.
Model UN (Trimester long- P/NP)
Model UN is a group where students can act as ambassadors in the UN General Assembly to work
through current world political, economic, and social issues.
Intro to Anthropology (Trimester long- P/NP)
Anthropology is the study of humans. This elective will focus on the four subdisciplines of
anthropology: archaeology, physical, cultural, and linguistic anthropology. Students will work on weekly
projects focusing on various aspects of human life.
Ukulele (Trimester long- P/NP)
If you want to learn to play the ukulele or practice your ukulele skills, this is the class for you! You will
develop your skills through both direct instruction and choice. In this class you will master reading
melodies and as well as practicing chord shapes, transitions, and strum patterns.
Operetta – (All 8th grade students - Trimester 3)
8th grade students will participate in one of the most enjoyable Woodside School traditions, the annual
Operetta. Each spring, the Operetta stars the entire 8th grade. Each year’s musical production is a lovely
farewell from the 8th grade to the entire school. 8th grade students will be enrolled in Operetta for all of
their elective classes during the 3rd trimester.
Public Speaking (Trimester long, P/NP)
This elective class will emphasize the practical skill of public speaking.The goal of the class is to prepare
students for success in typical public speaking situations and to provide them with the basic principles
of organization and research needed for effective speeches. Students will also learn techniques to lessen
speaker anxiety. They will examine the purposes, methods, and steps in preparing speeches for a
variety of situations by watching public speakers and engaging in public speaking opportunities within
the elective class period.
Positivity Project (Trimester long, P/NP)
Do you like to make people smile? Students will meet and discuss ways to spread positivity throughout
the school. We will then take action to spread a positive message to students, faculty, and staff
throughout the school. This club is designed to bring joy to others.
Spanish Club (Trimester long, P/NP)
Do you love the Spanish language and culture? This club is a place to talk and learn about culture from
Spanish speaking countries. In this club, we will talk about current events, art, architecture, and pop
culture from Spanish Speaking Countries.