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4th-8th Grade Girls Volleyball 
6th-8th Grade Flag Football
In addition to K-8 physical education classes during the school day, Woodside School offers an after school sports program that includes flag football and volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and, tennis and track and field in the spring. In keeping with the Woodside School mission, the District believes that the after school sports program should offer a nurturing environment consistent with Woodside's cohesive, small town character. In collaboration with parents and coaches, the program will instill in all students respect and compassion for others. The programs goals are to develop self-esteem and enable students to achieve their highest potential. Students will leave Woodside Elementary School eager and prepared to meet future academic and personal challenges.

The after-school sports philosophy is to provide all students the opportunity to participate in sports endeavors outside of the school day. As a result of these opportunities, the students will improve their skill level and learn the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, and the joy of competition. It is believed that all students should have an equal opportunity to participate regardless of ability. Therefore, in the event that there are more than two teams for any particular grade, the teams will be divided as evenly as possible by the athletic director with coaches input when it is so desired. When dividing teams the athletic director will take several factors into consideration. The factors will include: skill level, previous experience, and social relationships.
The after school sports program is intended for students attending Woodside Elementary School. The District will allow participation in the Districts program for students who reside within the District boundaries, but do not attend Woodside School, only if their school of attendance does not offer the chosen sport. In such cases the players will be held to the same behavior and academic standards as Woodside students.